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Tui na


Tui na ("Push and grasp") is both a form of physical bodywork and subtle energy medicine.

As a physical therapy, it excels at releasing the channel sinews, (collectively the muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and facilitating the movement of joints. By opening, releasing and balancing the sinews channels, Tui na is able to treat not only muscular-skeletal problems but also any ailment that may be caused by emotional and postural holding patterns that have become unconscious and locked into the body´s protective connective tissue armour.

As a form of energy medicine, the practitioners utilize and direct Qi through their hand, into points, along channels, organs, and bones.  Tui na can be very vigorous and physically active or incredibly subtle and still. It depends on the requirements of treatment.

Each technique has its own therapeutic qualities. When performed correctly for an appropriate length of time, each technique creates its own particular wave signal or vibratory pattern. These rhythmic waves and vibrations can affect the Qi on all levels, traveling through points and long the channels and collaterals to the desired place.

Main functions:

  • Promote and invigorate the flow of Qi and Blood

  • Expel, clear, dissipate and dredge pathogenic factors

  • Regulate Qi and Blood

  • Harmonize Yin and Yang, Wei Qi( protective Qi) and Ying Qi(nutritive Qi)

  • Nourish, tonify, strengthen and support Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang.

  • Improve and regulate the functions of the Organs

  • Release and relax the sinew channels

  • Lubricate and facilitate the movement of joints

  • Sooth Qi and calm the Mind

It recommended to avoid to be exposure to wind and drastic temperatures after cupping. Avoid showering, swimming, intense exercise, steams rooms or saunas, or any other exposure to the extreme cold or heat for 12-24 hours after a session.

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